The 2016 RE:Conference Agenda is coming together. Get a glimpse of what's in store for November.

Savings & Assets Summit, Tuesday, November 15

Asset Building Across Oregon

Financial Literacy, Financial Education, Financial Coaching, Financial Inclusion, Financial Capability and Financial Capability Integration, Financial Empowerment, Financial Resilience. We use all of these terms to describe the work of asset building. How do we define and connect these ideas to develop a coherent and unified field? Who are the leaders in each of these efforts in Oregon? This plenary will help us explore the scope and depth of asset building in Oregon.

Elena Fracchia, Community Relations Officer, Pacific Continental Bank
Inger Guiffrida, Financial Educator and Asset Building Consultant


1. Innovations in Matched Savings 

EARN has been experimenting with matched savings programs to identify the key components that contribute to improved savings behavior and financial resilience. What aspects of a matched savings program actually affect behavior change? This presentation will highlight lessons learned in the effort to innovate and will challenge our understanding of what works in matched savings.

Here in Oregon, partners in the Oregon IDA Initiative are hard at work to support people saving for an expanding set of goals. Hear updates on the innovations underway here in Oregon to tap the potential of the IDA “magic formula” -- financial education plus incentives to save.

Sheryl Lane, Director of Partnerships and Policy, EARN
Rebekah Barger, Family Economic Opportunity Program Director, CASA of Oregon
Laura Locker, Program Manager, Mercy Corps NW

Jessica Junke, Director of Economic Opportunity, Neighborhood Partnerships

2. Letting Our Clients Lead 

Family Independence Initiative believes that families with low incomes should lead their own change. FII has built a program model around the innate capacity and initiative of families with low incomes. This session will cover the central tenets of the model – connections, choice, and capital – and will introduce FII’s new project with Multnomah County.

Jesús Gerena, Managing Partner, Family Independence Initiative
Jana Stone, Policy and Innovation Strategist, Multnomah County

Cara Thompson, Chief Compliance Officer, Columbia Bank

3. Microenterprise Policy

Microenterprise development is a critical path to asset building for aspiring entrepreneurs in all corners of the state. What is happening to ensure that support for these entrepreneurs is available when they need it to build their business plan, do a marketing study, or launch a business? And once they’ve started up, what can we do to help ensure their success? This session will offer an overview of what is happening in the Executive Branch, the Legislature, and in our communities to increase support for microenterprise.

Jonath Colon, President, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
Tastonga Davis, Deputy Director, MESO

Forest Peck, Executive Director,  MERIT


IDA Video Contest viewing and presentation of awards

Elena Fracchia, Community Relations Officer, Pacific Continental Bank
Kate Rood, Community Engagement Officer, Beneficial State Foundation

Measuring our Progress & Impact 

The Asset Building field is in a constant state of innovation and adaptation as we respond to cutting edge research into the contexts, needs, and behaviors of the communities we serve. As we integrate new information and new tools into our work, how do we know we are making progress? How do we know we have impact? This session will highlight scales, surveys and other evaluation tools that will allow us to track our impact and keep our efforts focused on the ultimate goal of improving the lives of the clients we serve.

Inger Giuffrida, Financial Educator and Asset Building Consultant

Jessica Junke, Director of Economic Opportunity, Neighborhood Partnerships



Moving From Good, to Better, to Best / Infusing Financial Capability Throughout Systems  

In order to serve our communities well, we must make a commitment to strive for our best work. We owe it to our communities to push the envelope, try new things, and collaborate with one another across sectors and systems.

Oregon leaders are embracing this challenge by designing programs to reach deep into our communities and not leave anyone out, and by monitoring the marketplace to ensure consumers have access to safe and reliable products that keep them moving forward towards their goals.

Kevin Jeffries, Consumer Liason, Oregon Department of Business and Conusmer Services
Lisa Massena, Executive Director, Oregon Retirement Savings Plan
Carlos Garcia, Financial Capabilities Program Manager, Hacienda CDC

Elena Fracchia, Community Relations Officer, Pacific Continental Bank

Housing Summit, Tuesday, November 15

State of Housing In Oregon

The housing market and people's opinions about housing have changed dramatically in the last two years. Come hear what's happening with housing economics and public opinion.

The Economics of Housing in Oregon

What’s happening with public opinion in Oregon?

The latest DHM Research on housing, housing costs, public policy interventions, what can be done, and related values.


1. Tenant Protections

Oregon renters are struggling with a wave of no-cause evictions, unexpected and life changing moves, and large rent increases. Come learn about what the Oregon Legislature and local communities can do to protect the four in ten Oregonians who rent their homes.

Ed Johnson, Director of Litigation, Oregon Law Center
Michelle Glass, Regional Director, Southern Oregon, Unite Oregon
Jenny Lee, Housing Policy Director, Neighborhood Partnerships
Justen Rainey, Director of Government Affairs, Public Affairs Counsel


2. Development & Land Use

We can do more to develop additional affordable housing in our communities with new tools and existing strategies. Come learn about two exciting new tools and a request to expand existing resources in 2017.

Ryan Fisher, Senior Associate, Northwest Public Affairs
Kimberly Armstrong, Senior Planner, Housing, Washington County
Joel Madsen, Executive Director, Mid Columbia Housing Authority


3. Mortgage Interest Deduction Reform

Come learn about Oregon’s Largest Housing Subsidy, and how efforts to reform it in 2017 and beyond might mean additional resources to support affordable housing.

Juan Carlos Ordonez, Communications Director, Oregon Center for Public Policy
Ruth Adkins, Policy Director, Oregon Opportunity Network
Elise Brown, President, EBI Public Affairs


1. Homelessness, Health & Housing, Veterans Housing

All across Oregon, kids are getting out of tents in the morning to go to school and seniors are sleeping in their cars or in doorways. We can do more to prevent and end homelessness across Oregon. Come learn about what the Oregon Legislature and local communities can do to protect people at risk of homelessness.

Pegge McGuire, Director of Housing and Energy Services, Community Services Consortium
Justen Rainey, Director of Government Affairs, Public Affairs Counsel

2. Preserving Existing Affordable Housing

All across Oregon, we have thousands of affordable homes for Oregonians who need them. Keeping these homes, along with the rent assistance that comes with them is critical to ensuring the stability of our state. Come learn more about the need and what we can do to ensure this housing remains available for future generations.

Rob Prasch, Preservation Director, Network for Oregon Affordable Housing
Molly Rogers, Director of Asset Management, Home Forward
Ryan Fisher, Senior Associate, Northwest Public Affairs

3. Homeownership

We have a range of tools and strategies that are proven to both help ensure homeowners with low incomes can stay in their homes, as well as creating new homeowners. Come learn about two new innovative proposals that will be presented to the 2017 Legislature, as well as how you can support the continuation and expansion of existing efforts within homeownership.

Emily Reiman, Executive Director, NEDCO
Shannon Vilhauer, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Oregon
Elise Brown, President, EBI Public Affairs

The Media, Homelessness and Our Housing Crisis

Join members of the media who help shape the news coverage on housing and homelessness issues. They will address questions such as: What are the most pressing issues related to housing and homelessness from your perspective? What is the media’s role in creating policy change? What do you most wish you could get your viewers to understand about homelessness? What did you think about the effort back in May in San Francisco to have a coordinated media day of coverage focused on homelessness? What can advocates do to help you tell a better story?

Israel Bayer, Executive Director, Street Roots
Andrew DeVigal, University of Oregon School of Journalism
Anna Griffin, News Director, Oregon Public Broadcasting
Sara Roth, Digital Investigative Reporter, KGW

Caitlin Baggott, Executive Director, North Star Civic Foundation

What's the Forecast? A Legislative Session & State Budget Preview

Join three leading lobbyists as they discuss what they think will happen in 2017’s Legislative session and with the state budget. Includes a Q&A session at the end.

James Barta, Legislative Director, Children First for Oregon
Jeremiah Rigsby, JD, Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Care Oregon
Elizabeth Remley, Senior Vice President, Thorn Run Partners

Caitlin Baggott, Executive Director, North Star Civic Foundation


Moving into Action: Generating Local Support Through Visiting Elected Officials

Come hear this session on how to plan a visit with your local Legislative leaders and elected officials. You’ll leave with a toolkit to help you plan a visit with your elected officials, and you’ll sit by geographic area so we can begin planning today.

Anneliese Koehler, Public Policy Advocate, Oregon Food Bank
Ryan Fisher, Senior Associate, Northwest Public Affairs

Moving to Action: A Preview of the 2017 Session from Speaker of the House Tina Kotek

Come hear Speaker Kotek give a preview of the impending and important 2017 Legislative session from her perspective!

Evening Plenary and Celebration, Tuesday, November 15

RE:Unite Plenary and celebration

Celebrating Our Progress: Welcome Home Coalition

Jes Larson, Welcome Home Coalition
Israel Bayer, Street Roots


Holding Ourselves True to Our Potential

Oregon leads the nation in many ways, including a housing and assets policy framework that we can be proud of. We can’t be as proud of our actual outcomes – we have work to do to help ensure that our policies benefit communities of color, people and geographic areas experiencing long cycles of poverty, and women.

CFED works at the national level, in states, and in cities around the country to help guide policy development. Solutions and strategies exist that will help us reverse our outcomes and remove barriers to increasing incomes and building assets.

Bob Friedman, Founder, Chair Emeritus of the Board, and General Counsel for CFED

Brian Stewart, Community Relations Officer, JP Morgan Chase


IDA Marketplace

Musical Performance from Allen Matthews

2016 RE:Conference, Wednesday, November 16

The Future of Community and Asset Development

We want our communities to be healthy, safe, resilient, and engaged. These outcomes are all impacted by access to safe, decent housing and household financial well-being. Laura Choi will offer a framework that unites our efforts and offers opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

Laura Choi, Senior Research Associate – Community Relations Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Claire Sequin, Assistant Director, Housing Stabilization, Oregon Housing & Community Services


Breakout 1
10:15 – 11:45

How We Advance Equity Through Leadership Development

Leadership development is an investment that pays big dividends as we work for equity within our organizations and our systems. Directors of philanthropic and community based leadership development programs will share their approach to growing new leaders, and leaders with a range of experiences will share what the investment in their strength as leaders has meant to their work.

Roberto Franco, Latino Partnerships Program Director, Oregon Community Foundation;
Linda Roman, Policy Director, Oregon Health Equity Alliance

Building Assets Across the Life Course

Opportunities to build financial resilience arise at key moments during an individual’s lifetime. We must create opportunities to respond at all stages of life with tools that work to engage and empower individuals across and between generations.

Joyce DeMonnin, Communications Director, AARP
Stephanie Sampedro, Student Finance Specialist, Innovative Changes
Yolanda Vanderpool, Homeownership Coordinator, NeighborImpact

Felicia Wells Thomas, Business Development Specialist, MESO

How We Create Housing Opportunity

Housing is at the top of the priority list for local governments across the state. New tools to raise revenue and new policy levers have opened up new approaches and spurred creativity. What can you do in your community to help ease the housing supply crunch?

Matthew Tschabold, Policy & Equity Manager, Portland Housing Bureau;
Cupid Alexander, Housing Program Specialist, Portland Housing Bureau;
Eric Kancler, lobbyist for the City of Bend
Joel Madsen, Executive Director, Mid-Columbia Housing Authority


The Brain Science of Scarcity: Applying What We Know

How can we design programs in order to capitalize on the behaviors and preferences our communities already hold? In order for our programs to be effective they must (a) understand the context of poverty and its impact on decision-making and (b) understand the psychology of the people programs are designed to serve. Common sense tweaks go a long way to improving outcomes.

Dr. Crystal Hall, Associate Professor, The Evans School of Social Policy, University of Washington

Brian Fordham, Manager, Oregon Division of Financial Regulation
Liesl Wendt, Director of Department of County Human Services, Multnomah County


Breakout 2
1:45 – 3:15

Housing as Health

Health is housing – and health care insurers across the state are increasingly making investments in stable housing as a way to care for their members. Who is behind these innovative investments, and what kinds of partnerships are coming together across the state? What role do these investments play in helping us address homelessness and housing instability?

Lori Coyner, State Medicaid Director, Oregon Health Authority;
Ed Blackburn, Executive Director, Central City Concern;
Leslie Neugebauer, Director of Central Oregon Coordinated Care Organization, Pacific Source;
Pam Hester, Health and Housing Manager, Care Oregon
Josh Balloch, Vice President of Government Affairs and Health Policy, AllCare
Kenny LaPoint, Housing Integrator, Oregon Housing and Community Services

Financial Capability Integration: New Approaches

Financial Capability Integration refers to the work being done to ensure that all the organizations in our collective safety net are equipped to help families achieve financial stability. Programs devoted to asset building have long engaged families in conversations about their finances, budgeting, and the importance of saving for the future. With the right training and support, our partners in social services have the opportunity to do the same. In this session our presenters will offer up examples of different integration models and will share their experience engaging in this work.

Lucy Arrelano, Director of Asset Building Programs, Mission Economic Development Agency;
Carlos Garcia, Financial Capabilities Program Manager, Hacienda CDC;
Abby Wood, Program Coordinator – Financial Ed & Asset Building, Metropolitan Family Service

Martha Lyon, Executive Director, Community Services Consortium

Building Stability for Tenants

Proposals to come before the 2017 Legislature include protection for tenants from evictions made with no cause and protection from unstable rental markets. Hear what rent stabilization in west coast housing markets looks like, and what tenant protections promise for our communities.

Matt Tschabold, Policy & Equity Manager, City of Portland Housing Bureau;
Cupid Alexander, Housing Program Specialist, City of Portland Housing Bureau;
Alison McIntosh, Deputy Director – Policy and Communications, Neighborhood Partnerships


Closing the Racial Wealth Divide & Looking to the Future

Earlier this year CFED released a startling report on the growing racial wealth divide. Kylie Patterson will walk us through the stark reality of racial wealth disparities and will point us in the direction of policy and programmatic solutions.

Oregon leaders will respond to Ms. Patterson's presentation and describe the efforts they are making to center racial equity in their design and decision making.

We will close the 2016 RE:Conference with exciting calls to action from the Housing Alliance and Oregon Asset Building Steering Committee.

Kylie Patterson, Senior Policy Manager – Racial Wealth Divide, CFED
Margaret Solle Salazar, Director, Oregon Housing and Community Services
Quin Collins, IDA Program Manager, College Dreams
Alison McIntosh, Deputy Director – Policy and Communications, Neighborhood Partnerships

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