IDA Marketplace

We are really excited about this year's IDA Marketplace! All of the IDA Marketplace vendors are graduates of the Oregon Individual Development Account Initiative who will join us in Salem to sell their wares and tell us about how having an IDA laid the groundwork for their success. Meet our IDA Marketplace vendors below.

2017 Marketplace Vendors



We use design and business as a tool to employ and empower underserved artisans in East Africa, by providing skills training and a market connection. Nearly all of our pieces are designed in our Portland, Oregon studio and made by our artisans in Kenya & Rwanda.

We believe in the slow fashion movement and create our goods with environmentally friendly and fair trade practices in mind. Using local and recycled materials, such as brass, bone, horn, and indigenous grasses, we create modern, tribally inspired pieces that we hope you will love and feel good about purchasing.



BGood Bars hand crafts six different chocolate energy bars made with high-quality ingredients to create a "ready to go" snack that is delicious. A woman-owned company, it is located in rural Joseph, Oregon, and was founded in 2014. Our mission is to create a sophisticated great tasting snack that is healthy enough for the athlete and outdoor enthusiast, and decadent enough to serve for dessert. Made with mixes of nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, organic dried fruit and honey, BGood Bars are gluten free with no perservatives or artificial color or flavor. BGood Bars became a member of the Good Food Merchants Guild in 2016 for having "clean" ingredients. Currently, BGood Bars are sold in 35 stores throughout the Pacific NW and California.



Designs by: Chelsea Kelly started out with up-cycling materials and creating fashionable accessories out of them. As the business has grown, I've been able to branch out into different areas. Not only do I have my line of up-cycled items, but I also have an organic cotton knit line that is made with new materials. I make bags, scarves, makeup bags, baby blankets, passport wallets and many other accessories. I also do many custom orders.




Dippity Do Da Dips is owned and operated by Jeanette Casey in Eastside, Oregon. She makes a variety of dip mixes which are great as gifts, for your next party, or just for you! The mixes are free of salt, MSG and preservatives and can be made vegan. Jeanette “completed the ‘DreamSavers’ IDA program in 2014 and I learned so much about expanding my small home-based business. Writing a business plan, saving funds every month and the help I received from my advisor has been invaluable to me.”



Essance skincare and body essentials are handcrafted in small batches for freshness, using carefully selected botanical ingredients. We believe in the intelligence of Mother Nature and leverage the powerful healing properties of Chaga Mushroom, which has the highest amount of antioxidants than any other plants and fruits. In essence we seek to offer quality and nurturing organic skincare that are made with the love of Mother's Nature.

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We use only fresh goat milk and high quality vegetable oils to create a well balanced bar with great lather and excellent moisturizing properties. We created our goat milk soap formula 15 years ago and enjoy bringing you and your skin some of the best homemade soap money can buy!

Farm Maid Soap also hand pours long lasting, fragrant Soy Candles in reusable canning jars and creates fabulous hand made Perfumes, Lotions and more. And yes - we have goats!


The Far Woods is sisters Sonya & Nina Montenegro. We collaborate on artworks that serve as educational tools and inspiration for reconnection to nature, food, and each other. We live on a farm on the edge of Portland, Oregon.



Flossieolivedesigns began as a curiosity and a desire to do something meaningful with my surroundings and turn “scrap” into functional art. I have moved through various mediums throughout my life with the mingling of art, nature and function remaining constant.  A few years ago I picked up a hobby pyrography tool at a craft store.  I fell in love with the art form. Burning an image into wood added a different and much needed element to my art.  It felt cleansing and spiritual, old and significant compared to what I had done previously.  Slowly I have cultivated this skill and developed a style that is morphing into more elaborate wood projects and metal.


Gluten Free Blends is a family-run business that was started when our adult daughter found out that she had Celiac disease.  We discovered that there was a need for delicious and easy-to-use gluten free baking products made by a company that really understood the issues and had a real heart for our customers.  We use non GMO ingredients and organic sugar.  We have omitted the corn starch this year, as several of our clients were allergic to that as well, and we made a sugar-free Muffin mix for those who want to use their own sweeteners.  We listen to our customers and we care.



Jo Lundberg’s art is about creative alchemy: creating something beautiful, meaningful and sustainable, appealing to customer’s aesthetic tastes and ethics. Using salvaged and up-cycled wood pieces that are sourced from carpenters and arborists as a substrate, she uses the natural beauty of the wood grain as part of the composition painting surreal sea-scapes. Inspired by the natural world, and our relationship to it, the pieces often incorporate the human figure with undercurrents of psychology and the human condition bisect. Her art speaks to the human condition - many pieces are influenced and inspired by her personal experiences, many of which are universal to all of us.



We enjoy meeting our customers and would like to share the beautiful culture of Ghana. Our items are all exported from Ghana, West Africa catering to women, men and children all shapes and sizes. Each item is handmade from the biggest to smallest. Kweki African Fashions is here for you and will do whatever it takes to make sure your experience with us is the best!



Our love affair with pozole (the hearty Mexican soup of chiles and hominy) began with time spent in Mexico and family ties in Arizona. Proudly made in Portland, OR, Pozole to the People is a vegan-friendly, gluten-free soup starter that makes it possible to get dinner on the table in minutes rather than hovering over a hot simmering pot for hours. Organic whole corn kernels, or hominy, are soaked in lime and simmered for hours, then slow cooked with a variety of organic chiles and spices for remarkable depth of flavor. Simply add your own vegetables, chicken, seafood or meat substitute. Pozole to the People is a minority-owned business based in Portland, OR.

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I hand craft Rock On Jewelry from my home studio in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by my Cherokee heritage, each piece offers a story of its origin and healing energy. Out of respect for the Earth, I use only salvaged stone and materials.

I believe that everything we need to know in life, we can learn from nature if we are quiet enough to listen. For me, this is what my jewelry represents. There is a transfer of spirit as each piece is created transforming them to a living, breathing force of their own to be loved and shared with others. What began as a journey on a path of self-exploration in 2002 has evolved to represent a blend of ancient healing, story telling and current Native American culture. I hope my work inspires you to honor and care for Mother Earth through the jewelry you choose to wear.




Speaks With Eagles Medicinal Herbs & Spices makes "Cool Your Joints" spice blend for people and "Cool Their Joints" spice blend for dogs. Their spice blend can help anyone who suffers from inflammation. Speaks With Eagles was created by Tina Thompson after she had a shoulder injury that resulted in chronic inflammation. As a single mom, Tina has been working with the healing power of herbs for many years to make home remedies. Her recipe is based on years of experience and research to find the right blend that would create synergy and be more beneficial than taking individual spices in capsule form. Tina is working with veterans and hopes to be able to establish a relationship with both the Veterans Association and National Football League to study the health benefits of her product on healing traumatic injuries.



Our company began with a promise - if remote Himalayan communities would grow tea, we would introduce their teas into the US. At the time, our founder Raj was in Northern India on a Fulbright Fellowship. When the communities said yes, he moved to Springfield and setup our company.

To learn how to create world class teas, we’ve partnered with pioneers across the Indian subcontinent. We’re honored to offer our teachers’ teas as a part of our collection. As such, every tea we carry plays a role in creating a more sustainable future.

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Neighborhood Partnerships is a statewide nonprofit organization with a 25-year history of achieving impacts throughout Oregon’s communities. We are recognized for our leadership in policy and program design, advocacy, and program management. We work with organizations, foundations, jurisdictions, trade associations, and individuals who are committed to improving life for all Oregonians. We are the manager of the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative, the convener of the Oregon Asset Building Coalition, and the convener of the Housing Alliance.