IDA Marketplace Application

The IDA (Individual Development Account) Marketplace at Neighborhood Partnerships’ annual RE:Conference is one of the highlights of the 2 day event. Attendees love meeting vendors, buying their unique products, and learning more about the Oregon IDA Initiative from people who have used the program to launch or expand their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Marketplace will be 2 to 3 hours long on the afternoon of October 23rd, showcasing approximately 15 vendors. There will be entertainment and a reception in the same space. This is a great chance to showcase your business and engage with a very friendly and receptive audience.

Each year we also offer attendees a swag bag containing 3-4 items purchased from IDA businesses. Last year swag bags contained screen-printed fabric patches, gourmet caramel corn, chap stick, and dip mixes.

If you are interested in being considered as a vendor, for swag bags, or as a performer during this year’s marketplace, please fill out the application below and select how you are interested in participating. We will review all applications and make selections based on a number of factors, including business location (to accurately represent the reach of the IDA Initiative) and variety of products and services.

Expectations for vendors:

  • Arrive early for set-up
  • The IDA graduate must be present at the conference
  • Vendor should be willing to talk about their IDA experience with customers
  • Vendors will be reimbursed for travel and paid for participation

Expectation for swag bags:

  • Must be able to produce approximately 350-400 of selected item prior to conference
  • Items must cost approximately $3 each

Application Deadlines:

  • July 13th for applicants who would like to have items in the swag bags (selection by July 31st)
  • August 17th for all other applicants (selection by August 31st)



Neighborhood Partnerships is a statewide nonprofit organization with a 28-year history of achieving impacts throughout Oregon’s communities. We are recognized for our leadership in policy and program design, advocacy, and program management. We work with organizations, foundations, jurisdictions, trade associations, and individuals who are committed to improving life for all Oregonians. We are the manager of the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative, the convener of the Oregon Asset Building Coalition, and the convener of the Housing Alliance.