Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) was founded as The Neighborhood Partnership Fund in 1990 with the goal of revitalizing Portland communities. Our mission statement was simple: Revitalize Portland’s inner-city neighborhoods by creating and sustaining a strong network of community development corporations. Through neighborhood-based Community Development Corporations (CDCs) we worked to implement strategies that would re-build or create a sustaining infrastructure of affordable housing – affordable to very low income and working people — and support economic opportunity for all residents.

We are proud of our role in nurturing a strong network of CDCs not only in Portland but statewide, and as the industry has grown we are proud to be a partner with Oregon Opportunity Network and the Oregon Housing Authorities in advocating for adequate resources and support. Our training and technical assistance work over the years has supported an ever-wider range of partners, and now focuses more on policy and leadership skills than on specific technical aspects of housing development and ownership.

In the intervening years, community partners have called on us for our financial and programmatic expertise, and we have expanded on our historic role as catalyst and convenor. In 2003, we assumed responsibility for the Oregon Individual Development Accoutnt (IDA) Initiative, which has fueled our current work on asset building. In 2006, we were asked to manage the four-county collaborative for Bridges to Housing, an innovative approach to ending homelessness for families with multiple barriers to stability.

In 2007, we sponsored the Future Leaders Initiative to support the growth and development of leaders in the community development arena. Read more about Future Leaders here. The Oregon Opportunity Network has adapted the model, and now offers Lead ON.

As NP looks back on its twentieth anniversary, we are proud of what we’ve helped to build. But we’re not stopping for a long look back. As we look ahead to the next five, ten, and fifteen years, new challenges are visible on the horizon, and we plan to be ready, with our partners, to meet those challenges head on.