Our Story

Founded in 1989, Neighborhood Partnerships is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works at the intersection of program delivery and policy change across a range of issue areas. We work collaboratively to catalyze and manage research-backed initiatives, systems, and policy changes that help Oregonians achieve housing stability and build financial security.

Neighborhood Partnerships' History

The Oregon Narrative

Neighborhood Partnerships' story is inseparable from Oregon's story. Several years ago we convened dozens of community organizations and polled hundreds of Oregonians to discover a shared story for Oregon. The result was The Oregon Narrative.

Oregon has a history of ingenuity, innovation and independence. Our state’s natural beauty, open spaces and resources -- from the rugged coastline to Steens Mountains, from lush farmland to high desert, from the mighty Columbia to the wild Rogue -- have nurtured and inspired us for generations.

We have worked hard to come together and to build communities and the public systems -- roads, schools, cities and towns -- that sustain us. Today, we face a defining moment. We have new challenges and opportunities ahead of us. Our systems need an upgrade and we see that past choices have opened the door to opportunity for some but not for all.

We have the tools to create a better future and to open doors for all Oregonians. We can harness our innovative spirit, our talent and our energy. We can invest in people and create a better future for the next generation. We can ensure that every person, every family and every community in Oregon can prosper.