Housing Alliance: Foreclosure Update

Great news from the Legislature this week! As you probably know, the Oregon State legislature had three days of meetings this week in Salem. A big item on the agenda was deciding on spending to address the foreclosure issues that continue for Oregonians and Oregon communities. A final vote was taken on foreclosure funding on […]

Neighborhood Partnerships is Launching a Mini Advocate’s College

Neighborhood Partnerships is excited to announce that we will launch a mini Advocate’s College in Corvallis on Tuesday, March 20 and Monday, April 23. This is a shorter, less intensive version, but the same topics will be covered. Neighborhood Partnerships will offer this unique training opportunity to up to fifteen participants. We have several goals […]

CFED Scorecard Reminds Us to Take Action to Protect Homeowners from Unfair Foreclosures!

Today Neighborhood Partnerships is taking part in a nationally coordinated release of the Corporation for Enterprise Development’s Assets and Opportunity Scorecard. The Oregon Scorecard builds on a family financial resilience framework developed by CFED that looks at ways we as a state can act to support the five steps to financial security – Learn, Earn, […]

Action Anticipated on Foreclosure Crisis

Oregonians facing the loss of their homes need clear and accurate information about their rights, obligations and the foreclosure process. Where possible, alternatives to foreclosure ought to be fairly considered. When there is no viable alternative, the foreclosure process ought to be conducted with adequate notice and transparent process. The Housing Alliance has adopted the […]

Facing Reality and Moving Forward Together

Neighborhood Partnerships has had the opportunity to work over the past year with many talented and capable advocates who are advancing policy initiatives that promise a better future for Oregon communities. Part of our work and thinking has focused on the question of talking about equity, about the disparities that exist between population groups and […]

Join Us for the Oregon Thrives General Meeting

Please Join Us! Oregon Thrives General Meeting Please join us on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem Church at 5090 Center Street NE, Salem, OR 97317 from 2 – 4 pm for the Oregon Thrives General Meeting. Oregon Thrives is a coalition of organizations and agencies working together to create […]

Did You Get My Message?

Some people call me a message maven, some a message enthusiast.  Either way you get the message that I’m passionate about the framing and strategic communications work that Neighborhood Partnerships has been engaged in for the past several years—first through the Housing Alliance and then more broadly through our Strategic Communications Initiative and the Advocacy […]

Wanted: Visionaries

As we head into a new year, a new legislative session, and complete this election cycle, Neighborhood Partnerships is working to build a new vision for Oregon. There have been a number of good looks over the past few years at what’s wrong with Oregon’s revenue structure. We—as a state and as local governments—lack the […]

Oregon IDA 75% Tax Credit–You Make a Difference!

Oregon has one of the strongest Individual Development Account (IDA) programs in the country, thanks to a unique state tax credit that lets you make a big difference in someone’s life.  IDAs help low income Oregonians to, increase their financial education and create family economic stability by saving for and purchasing an asset. Across Oregon, […]