Director’s Desk: January 2022

A new year often is a time of optimism and renewal: it can be a chance to start fresh, and to imagine a better future. For many of us, as the COVID-19 pandemic enters another year with another brutal wave, and continued economic inequality and housing instability, it can be difficult to feel optimistic. The […]

Director’s Desk: April 2021

For this month’s Director’s Desk, I wanted to be able to share some news with our partners. After much discussion among staff, this year, we have decided to transition our annual RE:Conference, and move to an every other year RE:Conference.   As you’ve read in this space previously, NP has been on a journey to incorporate racial equity, diversity, and inclusion into […]

Director’s Desk: March 2021

Over our 30 years history, Neighborhood Partnerships has played a convener role helping to bringing people together to talk, to share ideas, and to build relationship with one another. Prior to the pandemic, we met for in-person meetings, had coalition convenings at our office and welcomed everyone to RE:Conference in Salem to exchange ideas, ideate solutions, and […]

Director’s Desk: February 2021

This Black History Month should be different. After enduring months of overlapping crises, from the COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact on communities of color to the uprisings against anti-Black racism and police brutality to the White supremacist insurrection just a few weeks ago, it’s beyond time for our sector not only to commit to […]

Director’s Desk: January 2021

At a recent Neighborhood Partnerships team retreat to discuss the year ahead a colleague asked the group as an icebreaker to consider the following questions to help ground the conversation. They asked why are you here, why are we here and what about this work matters to you? Given the tumultuous year that was 2020, […]

Director’s Desk: December

As we enter into the last month of what has seemed like a never ending year, we can’t help but reflect on this past year- a year that saw a global pandemic upend lives and leave millions sick and unemployed; a year that laid bare the racial, social and economic injustice that BIPOC communities experience […]

Director’s Desk: November

I’m sure many of you have been spending the last few days monitoring the results of the election. You’re not alone. As I write this month’s Director’s Desk, many races across Oregon and the U.S. have yet to be called, but I am reminded of the importance that every voice of each person be heard through the […]

Statement on Stalled COVID-19 Relief Talks in Washington

Friends, As you may have seen, earlier this week, the president announced that his administration would pull back from ongoing negotiations over the next critical package to provide COVID relief. As talks can always restart in the future, I am deeply troubled that inaction today will only contribute to prolonged suffering for many families and […]

Director’s Desk: October

As the season begins to change to autumn, it has brought pleasant thoughts about cozy clothes, nice long fall hikes, and the changing colors of the trees preparing for winter. The natural world reminds us of this transition and gives us a time to reflect on change and how that shows up in our lives […]

Director’s Desk: September

It’s my great pleasure and honor to be addressing you all for the first time as Executive Director of Neighborhood Partnerships (NP). I want to thank you all for the warm welcome, NP’s staff and Board for their support and help as I step into my new role. I feel excited and ready to get […]