Stephanie Sampedro, Financial Aid Specialist, Clackamas Community College

Stephanie is an advocate for higher education access and affordability. She has worked for the last five years to help underrepresented students succeed in college and navigate financial aid and student loan debt. Her background is in asset building, as she coordinated the education IDA Program at Innovative Changes as the Student Finance Specialist. In this role, she also counseled many students on how to navigate the student loan debt system to lower payments, get out of default and understand how their student loans affect the rest of their finances. She currently works as a Financial Aid Specialist at a local community college. Stephanie has a B.A. in History and Film and Media Studies from Swarthmore College and is a certified Student Loan Debt Counselor.


Neighborhood Partnerships is a statewide nonprofit organization with a 27-year history of achieving impacts throughout Oregon’s communities. We are recognized for our leadership in policy and program design, advocacy, and program management. We work with organizations, foundations, jurisdictions, trade associations, and individuals who are committed to improving life for all Oregonians. We are the manager of the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative, the convener of the Oregon Asset Building Coalition, and the convener of the Housing Alliance.