About Neighborhood Partnerships

Get to Know Neighborhood Partnerships

We’re a team of diligent and dedicated leaders who are always learning and supporting our communities. Our mission is to bring opportunity to all Oregonians.


Our work is centered on building systemic, long-term change, thereby maximizing our impact on the lives of people with low incomes. We believe in an Oregon full of financially resilient households where opportunity and prosperity are shared widely and accessible to all.

Pursuit of our mission is guided by the following principles:

  • Collaboration: We build strong, collaborative, and inclusive relationships. We create and promote safe environments for designing and attempting new approaches.
  • Innovation: We inspire and support relevant, innovative programs that enable us to be agents of community change, transforming the lives of people with low-incomes and creating healthy communities.
  • Excellence: We expect excellent outcomes from our work and the work of our partners; consistent and thoughtful evaluation helps us achieve our standards of excellence.
  • Communication: We maintain two-way communication with our members and partners about our plans, activities, and outcomes. We ensure that the products of our work are widely available as resources not only to our close network of partners but also to all who are interested.
  • Respect: We respect and value the experiences and perspectives of our many partners. We strive to understand and appreciate differences in approach and methods of implementation.
  • Leadership: We pursue strong, visionary leadership guided by the input of our partners and the people they serve.