If you’re passionate about increasing opportunity for all Oregonians, you might be a perfect fit for our dynamic, learning-minded team.

We're Hiring!

Office Coordinator + Bookkeeper

The Office Coordinator + Bookkeeper will work directly with the Director of Operations and Finance, as well as supporting the organization as a whole to maintain the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

This is a vital and valued role on our team, and is relied upon by the entire staff. It requires the ability to stay on task and focus on your work, while remaining adaptive in a dynamic environment. The Office Coordinator + Bookkeeper will be the first person visitors to our office see, so we need someone who is happy and friendly greeting visitors. They will spend most of their time on solo tasks, with conversations and activity around them. When the job is done well, much of it will be invisible.

We are looking for someone who is excited to jump right in to a new role, someone who loves a good spreadsheet, is most happy when everything balances, and enjoys striving toward clean data. They will find joy in tackling different and new tasks routinely, and be comfortable with the tension between “everything in its place” and “let’s try something new.”

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Part-Time Evaluation Support

The Evaluation Support helps the IDA Initiative document the successes and challenges of IDAs in promoting opportunity for Oregonians. The Evaluation Support manages, cleans and analyzes data related to whom IDAs are reaching, how participants are impacted, and how policies and programs support positive change. The Evaluation Support works with data from participant feedback surveys, our client management system, and other sources. Working closely with the Manager of Data Analysis and Evaluation, the Evaluation Support brings creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to their tasks.

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