Introducing Neighborhood Partnerships

We’re almost halfway through 2009, and excited about a year that promises dramatic change, new and unforeseen challenges, and a host of new opportunities. In that spirit of change, we have adopted a new name – Neighborhood Partnerships – and an updated and vibrant new look.

Our name change reflects a reality that we internally embraced quite some time ago. Founded as Neighborhood Partnership Fund with proceeds from a legal settlement and national foundations, we have not had an endowment, or “fund,” for about ten years. For the past five years, we have utilized our skills and reputation and focused in on where we most add value — building and managing strong partnerships that fuel change and progress in our community. We have significantly increased our annual and cumulative impact on the lives of thousands of Oregonians through several high profile collaborations and initiatives and a commitment to nurturing leaders.

The new name holds on to two words that communicate our core values. Neighborhood – reflecting that we’re about creating opportunity for low income people where they live – in their neighborhoods, both urban and rural. And, partnerships, because all of what we do we is based on the strength of our partnership with community leaders, with other organizations, with governments, and with funders and contributors.

You will notice some changes in our communications strategy. We’re revising our web site and increasing our online presence. Our goal is to better reflect the evolved Neighborhood Partnerships role, to stay in closer touch with key partners, and of course to report on the impact of the resources we manage on behalf of our partners.

Janet Byrd
Executive Director

Daniel Robertson
Board Chair

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