Oregon IDA 75% Tax Credit–You Make a Difference!

Oregon has one of the strongest Individual Development Account (IDA) programs in the country, thanks to a unique state tax credit that lets you make a big difference in someone’s life.  IDAs help low income Oregonians to, increase their financial education and create family economic stability by saving for and purchasing an asset.

Across Oregon, low income individuals who want to take charge of their future can enroll in the IDA program, be trained and coached by local experts as they make plans, learn skills and strategies, and take steps to reach their goal.  When they’ve reached their savings goal, their savings will be matched to create the investment they need to launch their small business, go back to school for training or education, or purchase a home.

Your contribution* to Neighborhood Partnerships, a non-profit organization, is eligible for this 75% Oregon tax credit.  Simply write your check to Neighborhood Partnerships, write “IDA Initiative” in the memo line, and we’ll put your money to work across Oregon via our strong network of local providers and partners.  Along with our thanks and the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution will change someone’s future, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim the 75% credit on your next tax return.

Your contribution helps low income Oregonians build life skills and achieve financial security.  Contributions are accepted via check, stock or mutual fund transfers or with your credit card, but don’t wait!  Credits are limited, and are only available on a calendar year basis, so act now!  To learn more go to http://ida.neighborhoodpartnerships.org.

Contribute today.  It’s a win for Oregon, a win for participants and a win for you!

*Contribution limits per taxpayer are $100,000. There is no minimum contribution.

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