Black History Month and Onwards

In the midst of Black History Month, we are challenged to think about how we, as an organization that works on economic and housing justice, are honoring the history of the Black struggle for justice, equity, and equality in the U.S. It’s easy to say we are allies, but as a predominantly white-led organization, it’s […]

Equity Update: Self-Care and Community Care 

Neighborhood Partnerships staff recently convened in person to celebrate and recognize each other’s accomplishments and progress from the past year. In a time of remote work in an organization whose team members focus on very different aspects of social justice, housing justice, and equity, it was not only a time for us to brag, congratulate, […]

Black Lives Matter


I hadn’t heard about Juneteenth until about two years ago. I grew up in Los Angeles around mostly Latinx and Asian American communities and Juneteenth was not on our radar—Día de los Muertos and Chinese New Year, sure, but not Juneteenth.   So, what is Juneteenth? According to National Geographic, the holiday is known to some […]

More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. – Charlie Chaplin

Last month as part of our monthly consciousness-raising activity we centered our conversation around Partners in Diversity’s Diversity Retention Project. We focused on the section entitled “Experiences at Work” and talked about our own experiences of diversity, or lack of, at work. We also reflected on what we have done to improve support and accountability, […]

Potrait photo of Dr Darrick Hamilton

Thank you Dr. Hamilton

Two weeks ago we had the amazing fortune to hear Dr. Darrick Hamilton speak, and join us here at NP, along with Meyer Memorial Trust to talk about advancing economic justice in Oregon. In case you missed it, you can watch a recording of the event.

Dr. Hamilton has been involved in crafting progressive policy proposals, such as Baby Bonds and a Federal Job Guarantee, which have garnered a great deal of media attention and served as inspirations for legislative proposals at the federal, state and local levels.

portrait photo of Doctor Darrick Hamilton

Director’s Desk: December

Last month, over 300 people convened to hear Dr. Darrick Hamilton share key ideas about Economic Justice, in an event Neighborhood Partnerships was honored to support with Meyer Memorial Trust. If you were not able to join us, you can watch the recording here. Dr. Hamilton articulated important points about the ways our economy has been designed to concentrate wealth and resources, leveraging race and social identity as arbiters of worth, and raising core truths that demand we move boldly to advance an inclusive economic bill of rights.

Director’s Desk: November 2021

November marks a quiet ramp-up of work in Salem as Legislators start finalizing what bills they will be introducing in the 2022 short session before the bill filing deadline later this month. For advocates and organizers, it means “on your marks” and “get set,” before we “go” in February.  As Neighborhood Partnerships is undertaking the exciting journey of hiring an […]

Director’s Desk: October 2021

As we’re settling into the fall season, I’m relieved to see that in many parts of the state, Oregonians are enjoying an uptick in rainfall, which signals the end of our now seasonal wildfire season, and hopefully gives us some peace of mind. On one of these particularly rainy days late last month, the Neighborhood […]

Director’s Desk: September 2021

One year ago, on September 8, 2020, I had the privilege and honor of transitioning into my new role as the Executive Director at Neighborhood Partnerships. This transition has been both one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors I’ve had the opportunity to undertake. It has been a significant change in my life, both in the level […]

We’re hiring!

We are hiring an IDA Program & Training Specialist! Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) manages the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative. We raise funds, collect data, and coordinate the IDA-related work of ten non-profit direct service and network partners statewide. With an IDA, Oregonians with low incomes have their savings for an education, home, small business […]