Getting Ready for the 2011 Legislative Session

The Housing Alliance, as well as Neighborhood Partnerships, believes that we all have a stake in addressing the problems our communities and neighbors are facing.  In Oregon, we’ve always pulled together to overcome hardship, and we believe in protecting those most impacted by the economic downturn.

In too many communities across Oregon, our neighbors are struggling to pay the rent or their mortgage.  The Housing Alliance knows that housing gives people an opportunity to build better lives, and that our communities are stronger when people have a safe, stable place to call home.  In 2011, the Legislature can act to prevent more people from falling into homelessness by prioritizing the basic needs of those most impacted by the recession.

While the problems our state is facing may seem daunting, there is good news.  We know how to solve the problems we are facing, and we’ve done it before.  We also know that how we respond to these problems will affect how our state recovers.   The Housing Alliance and its members will be calling on Legislators in 2011 to continue to invest in proven programs and solutions that meet these basic needs.

You can join us – either as a Housing Alliance member, or on our Lobby Day.  We’ll be joining with Oregon Thrives in Salem on Monday, February 14th, for Have a Heart Day. Be sure to mark your calendars now! Questions or to RSVP please e-mail Alison.

Our agenda for 2011 includes:

Continue investment in affordable housing that meets critical needs in our communities;

Increase the Emergency Housing Account (EHA);

Preserve existing affordable housing so we don’t fall further behind;

Restructure the Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credit (OAHTC);

Maintain state enabling legislation for local property tax abatement programs;

Update definitions for the Farmworker Housing Tax Credit;

Continue and extend protections for tenants in foreclosed properties;

Protect tenant access to utilities;

Secure and preserve public subsidy during foreclosure proceedings;

Expand allowable master and short form documents;

Support resident purchases of manufactured home parks; and

Recognize the problem of hate crimes against people who are homeless.

Interested in joining the Housing Alliance or learning more about our agenda? E-mail Alison for details.

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