Call your State Representative today!

One in eleven homeowners in Oregon is either in foreclosure or has a mortgage 30 or more days in default. One in five homeowners are underwater on their mortgages owing more than the home is worth.

Homeowners are suffering from the resulting stress and uncertainty, their neighbors are feeling the impacts of vacant homes, and our communities and economies are bearing the costs.

Homeowners need decisive action so that they take steps to re-build their lives, and communities need decisive action to re-build Oregon. Oregonians are counting on the Legislature to:

• Guarantee a fair chance: Protect homeowners from the “dual track”, by requiring that banks not foreclose on homeowners who are in the process of modifying their mortgage. Pass SB 1564.

• Guarantee good information: Require banks to offer a meeting with homeowners, before a neutral third party mediator, before foreclosure begins. Pass SB 1552A.

• Invest Wisely: Use the funds coming in to Oregon as part of the Attorneys General settlement with five national banks to help all homeowners who are in foreclosure, in default, or who owe more than their homes are worth.

Last week, NP’s Janet Byrd co-authored an op-ed abut the Foreclosure crisis and important action by the Legislature. The good news is SB 1552 and SB 1564 passed the Senate! Now they move on to the House, and we meed your help. Its time to call your Representative and ask them to help make sure these important bills are heard in Committee and moved to the House floor.

Those who say we’ve done enough on foreclosure are wrong – Oregonians are still suffering and these bills would make a significant different in people’s lives. These bills would provide homeowners with timely and accurate information about their choices and ensure a fair and reliable process prior to foreclosure. Please tell your Representative that our communities cannot wait until 2013 for decisive action, and to please vote yes on SB 1552 and SB 1564. The foreclosure crisis will continue to drag down our families and our economy until action is taken by the Legislature to provide homeowners access to good information and guarantees of fair dealing.

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