Director’s Note: October 2017

By Janet Byrd

Our RE:Conference is around the corner! The sessions are scheduled, speakers lined up, hundreds are registered to come. Check out the schedule and sign yourself up today!

Several threads carry through this year’s conference. We will be looking honestly at our problems and the data that describes them, but also striving, as always, for the path to solutions. The data shows growing economic Inequality and loss of wealth and stability over time, which impacts people of color the hardest. Solutions are possible, if we find the courage to stand for what’s right. Along with courage, we need creativity, we need collaboration, and we need to learn to meet people where they are and center people at the heart of our work. That’s the recipe for change.

Join us to look closely at the differences in assets and wealth that come with race and ethnicity, and at proven strategies to support communities of color and rural areas to build wealth.  Join us for stories of leaders motivating the change we need in our communities. What does today’s leadership look like, and how do we cultivate our courage to stand up?  Join us if you want new tools to help you work with individuals and families, new tools to help you talk to decision makers about the best approach to reach the equitable results we need, new tools as you define your role in this effort.

I look forward to seeing you all in mid October, to be inspired by what we’re doing, and to decide together what we will do next.

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