Measure 101

By Jill Winsor

When a ballot arrives in your mailbox this January, don’t be surprised! Oregonians have an important opportunity to weigh in on making sure we all have access to health care!

Neighborhood Partnerships has endorsed Measure 101 because we believe all Oregonians should have access to healthcare. A yes vote on Measure 101 means:

  • For the first time, every child in Oregon has access to healthcare.
  • Oregonians have healthcare they can afford.
  • Everyone has access to a nurse or doctor when they are sick

Measure 101 asks voters to support the healthcare plan developed by healthcare experts and advocates throughout Oregon, including business, unions, hospitals, the AARP and patient advocates. The plan guarantees that 95% of Oregonians, and every child in the state, maintain access to healthcare and it reduces premiums for those who buy their own coverage. The measure is an assessment on insurance companies, hospitals, and healthcare providers to ensure they are also paying into the system.

Neighborhood Partnerships supports this measure because we know that access to healthcare is vitally important for all Oregonians, including those who live in affordable housing and save through the Oregon Individual Account Initiative.

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