Equity Update: Residents Organizing Change

“Why do you do what you do?”

This was a prompt at a recent training for ROC leaders. Why is it that we believe in having those most impacted involved in policy change? In the words of one ROC member, TomiRene Hettman, “We are the true experts on homelessness!”

Members of Residents Organizing for Change – who are residents of affordable housing and people in need of affordable housing represent those who have felt the effects of homelessness, they are the numbers and statistics that connect the policy to the person because they have experienced the pain of housing instability. We live in time of uncertainty. Many of our neighbors are facing housing instability because of any number of things that people have to navigate this year – from the pandemic to job losses and now wildfires. We continue to organize, advocate and have those most impacted have their voices heard. We can make policy work for the PEOPLE. Residents Organizing for Change is people power!

Now more than ever we see the need to not be apathetic and turn-away from communities who need help. Informing decision-makers and giving those most impacted by policy a seat at the table is the solution to more equitable policy making. ROC leaders have taken part in crucial conversations that add an important perspective on how to directly serve underrepresented communities. 

We look for solutions by asking ROC members what policies have helped them stay housed and what services will benefit their communities most. ROC aims to be resident-led and have those who have experienced hardships turn their stories into strengths, and guide us into the future. We want to see an equitable Oregon where everyone has a safe, affordable place to call home — That’s why we do what we do.

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