ROC Winter Summit Review

Last month ROC members convened for our end of the year Winter Summit Celebration. Over the course of three days ROC members met to discuss organizing, advocacy, and a look back at all we accomplished in 2020.  It was a challenging year, but ROC members continued to show up and use their strength to let decision-makers know why housing justice matters to them.  

TracyEllen Carson Webb, a ROC member said: “I attended ROC’s Winter Summit Celebration this past December. It was 3 days of fun, knowledge, and getting to meet new people. I learned how to find my legislators and how to contact them by phone, email and with letters.” TracyEllen continued “I also learned how to organize an action at the capitol to get our opinions heard and to influence legislation. My group discussed how we would get the governor to sign a bill. We decided to have a rally at the capital by the governor’s office and encourage her with a press conference.We talked about the eviction moratorium and how the pandemic is affecting people’s housing. The biggest thing I learned is that I CAN have my voice heard and that I am part of a community.”

ROC members will be working on setting their 2021 Legislative Priorities this month. Please fill out this survey ROC Policy Proposals Survey for ROC Policy Priority Proposals so that the Steering Committee can take your considerations into account as they fight for housing matters. In March, ROC is planning a virtual Housing Opportunity Week that will be a week of meetings and actions to put their housing justice priorities into action. Our work in Oregon is also part of a bigger movement. ROC hopes to continue to be part of a national housing justice movement through participation in the The New Deal for Housing. This is a playbook for the first 100 days of the new Biden-Harris administration, advancing core policy ideas grounded in racial justice and homes for all. For further ROC information please visit our calendar to get updates on events: ROC Calendar.
Check out this photo of us at the ROC Summit with our new ROC t-shirts on! Can you find your smiling face?
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