Neighborhood Partnerships Signs Our First Union Contract

On June 21, Neighborhood Partnerships and ILWU Local 5 signed the organization’s first ever labor contract! This milestone is the result of principled, collaborative negotiations by NP’s employees – both workers and management – over the course of a year. This work followed NP’s voluntary recognition of the staff union in spring 2023.

The new contract addresses benefits and pay and creates a new ‘flexible leave’ time off structure that provides greater work-life balance – while ensuring that the organization’s essential work for economic and housing justice will remain as strong as ever.

NP is proud to live out its values through this contract and congratulates the organization’s staff on this achievement.

Cameron Herrington
Director of Policy & Advocacy

We have a contract!

Thank you to all NP workers, fellow bargaining teammates, and union supporters.

This first contract is an alignment of our work, voices, and values. At NP we focus our external efforts on justice, but we saw the need to carve out our own security and job equity as we hold these identities as administrators, organizers, and employees of the organization.

Our hard work in putting together this contract will help us and future NP employees as we continue to grow our organization. We hope that other nonprofits will also be inspired to organize themselves, and use our vision to help raise the tide, not just a few boats.

I am grateful for the curiosity, comradery and commitment to make our workplace a community we’re invested in, and by extension each other, and may the benefits of a unionized organization benefit all the people that we serve.

In Solidarity,

Reyna Gillet,
Lead Housing Justice Organizer, Bargaining Team Member, and Member of ILWU Local 5

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