Did You Get My Message?

Some people call me a message maven, some a message enthusiast.  Either way you get the message that I’m passionate about the framing and strategic communications work that Neighborhood Partnerships has been engaged in for the past several years—first through the Housing Alliance and then more broadly through our Strategic Communications Initiative and the Advocacy […]

Please join us in Salem on February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 is Valentine’s Day and Oregon’s birthday! Demonstrate your love for Oregon by joining the Oregon Housing Alliance and Oregon Thrives for “Have a Heart Day” in Salem.  We all have a stake in addressing the problems our communities and neighbors are facing as a result of the recession. Please join us to […]

The Oregonian Highlights the IDA Program’s Success

Oregon’s IDA Initiative was featured in the Oregonian this week, a nice reminder to give before the end of the year. The Oregonian story features graduates from the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) IDA program, and describes how the IDA program helps lower-income individuals build savings to buy a home, go to college, […]

Independent Evaluation Concludes Oregon Program Paves Pathways Out of Poverty

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Janet Byrd, Neighborhood Partnerships 503-226-3001 x 103 Lisa Joyce, Oregon Housing and Community Services 503-986-0951 Dr. Diane Yatchmenoff, Portland State University 503-725-4158 Independent Evaluation Concludes Oregon Program Paves Pathways Out of Poverty (Salem) In a new, independent evaluation, Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute concludes that the Oregon Individual Development Account […]

National Expert on Framing Policy for Racial Equity Addresses Neighborhood Partnerships’ Advocacy College

Neighborhood Partnerships continued the Advocacy College in December with a visit from a nationally renowned expert on messaging and framing.  Dr. Frank Gilliam, Dean of UCLA’s School of Public Affairs, came to Portland earlier this month for a whirlwind of speaking engagements about effectively framing and messaging policy advancements for greater racial and cultural equity.    […]

Getting Ready for the 2011 Legislative Session

The Housing Alliance, as well as Neighborhood Partnerships, believes that we all have a stake in addressing the problems our communities and neighbors are facing.  In Oregon, we’ve always pulled together to overcome hardship, and we believe in protecting those most impacted by the economic downturn. In too many communities across Oregon, our neighbors are […]

Improving Services for Homeless Families

Bridges to Housing continues to serve homeless families throughout the Portland metropolitan area.  Neighborhood Partnerships is pleased to report on an exciting offshoot of this innovative program. Bridges to Housing included a substantial evaluation component, conducted by Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute.  Their latest evaluation report highlighted the impact of trauma on families in […]

We All Have a Role to Play

Earlier this month, Neighborhood Partnerships held the third session of the Advocacy College with Patrick Bresette of Demos and Larry Wallack of Portland State University. Thirty-five advocates joined the Advocacy College in September. We’ve learned some of the basics of framing and messaging, we’ve begun to digest Demos’ research on government and the economy, we’ve […]

Wanted: Visionaries

As we head into a new year, a new legislative session, and complete this election cycle, Neighborhood Partnerships is working to build a new vision for Oregon. There have been a number of good looks over the past few years at what’s wrong with Oregon’s revenue structure. We—as a state and as local governments—lack the […]

Oregon IDA 75% Tax Credit–You Make a Difference!

Oregon has one of the strongest Individual Development Account (IDA) programs in the country, thanks to a unique state tax credit that lets you make a big difference in someone’s life.  IDAs help low income Oregonians to, increase their financial education and create family economic stability by saving for and purchasing an asset. Across Oregon, […]