Celebrating Two Amazing Trainings

Financial Coaching for Prosperity We are excited to announce that a cohort of 33 staff that work with IDA savers (from 24 different IDA Provider organizations) just completed our first 28-hour Financial Coaching for Prosperity Training Series! This training, which spanned 2 months, both in person and virtual, provided staff from across the Initiative comprehensive […]

Director’s Desk: Welcome 2017

By Janet Byrd, Executive Director Welcome 2017! It’s shaping up to be quite a year in Oregon and across the country. Here at Neighborhood Partnerships we are looking forward to working with you to build increased opportunity for all Oregonians, to protect the progress we’ve made, and to bring people together to think and talk […]

The Power of Paradox

By Jill Winsor Oregon is a state that rises to meet its challenges. Oregonians strive to be exceptional and to make sure that where we lead, others will want to follow. Oregonians want to live in a state where all of our residents can thrive. That’s the energy behind our Oregon’s Bright Futures work. We […]

Have you attended a Your Money, Your Goals training?

Since then, what have you done with your toolkit? Have you used it to train your co-workers? Have you used it to start conversations about financial well-being with clients? If the answers to these questions is “yes,” we are so proud of you! If the answer is “no, I hate to admit it, but I’ve […]

Something’s Not Right. What is Oregon Doing to Fix It?

Last week an important report was released by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED). You probably saw it mentioned on social media or in your email, The Ever-Growing Gap: Without change, African-American and Latino families won’t match white wealth for centuries. If you haven’t yet had the chance to […]

Make CSAs Work For Your Community

  The Oregon Asset Building Coalition is still hard at work finalizing the details of a Children’s Savings Account platform for Oregon. It’s clear to us that the success of Children’s Savings in Oregon will depend on community-based organizations across the state. They hold the trust of the communities they serve. We’ve heard this from […]

For People Who Want to Get Beyond Simple Poverty Solutions

“It’s about honoring the complexity of the experience of people living in poverty, instead of trying to address needs in isolation.” – Brendon Basset, Metropolitan Family Service. What does it takes to increase the financial resilience of our communities and the people we serve? In June, Executive Director Janet Byrd and Financial Innovations Director Jill […]

The Biggest Inspiration for Our Field Is Right in Front of You

A great mentor of mine in the field of domestic violence support services taught me an important lesson about how to make connections with a survivor. Always start by reminding them that they have a wealth of resilience and resourcefulness within themselves – they had survived this long and had found their way to our […]