Director’s Desk: Welcome 2017

By Janet Byrd, Executive Director Welcome 2017! It’s shaping up to be quite a year in Oregon and across the country. Here at Neighborhood Partnerships we are looking forward to working with you to build increased opportunity for all Oregonians, to protect the progress we’ve made, and to bring people together to think and talk […]

The Power of Paradox

By Jill Winsor Oregon is a state that rises to meet its challenges. Oregonians strive to be exceptional and to make sure that where we lead, others will want to follow. Oregonians want to live in a state where all of our residents can thrive. That’s the energy behind our Oregon’s Bright Futures work. We […]

Make CSAs Work For Your Community

  The Oregon Asset Building Coalition is still hard at work finalizing the details of a Children’s Savings Account platform for Oregon. It’s clear to us that the success of Children’s Savings in Oregon will depend on community-based organizations across the state. They hold the trust of the communities they serve. We’ve heard this from […]

7 Quotes that Perfectly Capture Why Every Oregon Child Should Have College Savings

On May 23 the House Interim Committee On Higher Education, Innovation, and Workforce Development heard about the potential for every Oregon child to have a savings account for college or post-secondary education. A Children’s Savings Account (CSA) is a long-term, incentivized account established for children early on which is allowed to grow until they reach […]

How Children’s Savings Accounts Will Reshape Oregon’s Future

Oregon leaders have come together to bring Children Savings Accounts to Oregon. We know that even a small amount of money in an account in a child’s name has transformative potential. Children’s savings accounts have been proven to increase high school graduation rates, college enrollment, and college completion rates. And that’s just the beginning, and […]

Assets & Opportunity Scorecard Underscores Work Ahead for Oregon

The Corporation for Enterprise Development’s (CFED) Assets & Opportunity Scorecard was released on Monday. The news isn’t rosy for Oregon. However, we know that there are steps we can take and that working together we can remove the barriers to opportunity that persist. Oregon Ranks 26th Overall in Financial Security of Residents Here’s the analysis […]