More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. – Charlie Chaplin

Last month as part of our monthly consciousness-raising activity we centered our conversation around Partners in Diversity’s Diversity Retention Project. We focused on the section entitled “Experiences at Work” and talked about our own experiences of diversity, or lack of, at work. We also reflected on what we have done to improve support and accountability, […]

Racial Equity Training Series Update

By Luke Bonham and Holly McGuire As regular readers will be aware, Neighborhood Partnerships has been centering racial equity in all of our work. As part of our roles as conveners and funder, we are looking at how to integrate the diversity, equity, and inclusion tools and learning spaces into our partnerships. Last month, Neighborhood […]

Equity Update: Updating Hiring Practices at NP

As part of our internal equity goals, NP has been looking into making our hiring and onboarding practices more equitable and inclusive. About a year ago, a subcommittee was formed to take a look at existing practices, form a set of goals, and implement practices to achieve those goals. Increase the number of BIPOC applicantsWe […]

Equity Update: June

NP’s Equity Team This month, we’re sharing our progress on our equity goals. Last November, at our annual RE:Conference, Neighborhood Partnerships presented an equity statement, after months of work internally to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. In sharing our equity statement, we explicitly said: “We ask that you hold us accountable. In that spirit, we […]