Did You Get My Message?

Some people call me a message maven, some a message enthusiast.  Either way you get the message that I’m passionate about the framing and strategic communications work that Neighborhood Partnerships has been engaged in for the past several years—first through the Housing Alliance and then more broadly through our Strategic Communications Initiative and the Advocacy College and Leadership Salon that began last September.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get this message out.  I’m excited about the possibility of working with more groups and coalitions.  If you are interested in an introductory session on framing and messaging, give me a call.  Learning that different ways of communicating are more effective has transformed the way I approach legislative meetings, fact sheets and brochures, in fact almost everything I write and speak about.  Why?  Because I’ve experienced that it works, when other strategies haven’t.

And frankly, the stakes are higher this year after the lingering Oregon recession has left too many of our families, communities and businesses struggling at the same time that it has decimated our state’s revenue sources.

In the coming legislative session, we must deal with the state budget in a way that protects our future, builds jobs and opportunities and protects those hardest hit by the economic downturn here in Oregon.  These are the principles that will help us uphold the values that many Oregonians hold dear.  Communicating that effectively and in a way that it can be heard is critical to our shared future.  So if you want to be heard, if you want to influence others, this messaging training is fundamental for effective advocacy.  I want to help get us there. Call me at 503.226.3001 x103 (and leave me your message) or you can email me your message.

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