Oregon Thrives’ 2011 Legislative Agenda

Oregon Thrives is a coalition of organizations and agencies working together to create healthy and prosperous communities where everyone has access to jobs, education, nutritious food, stable homes and services that protect and promote health and wellness.

We all have a stake in addressing the challenges our communities and neighbors are facing as a result of the recession.  Oregon Thrives’ 2011 Legislative Agenda includes strategies to help Oregonians access opportunity: housing and home ownership, financial assets and income, food access and security, business and jobs, education, health care, and community accountability.

The Oregon Thrives 2011 Legislative Agenda envisions an Oregon with healthy and prosperous communities where everyone has access to family wage jobs, quality education, nutritious food, stable homes and services that promote health and wellness.  Specifically the agenda includes:

Housing and Homeownership: We all need a place to call home in order to succeed in life.

Food Access and Security: Good nutrition helps families learn, work more productively, stay healthier and focus on opportunities to thrive.

Businesses and Jobs: Earned income is the first step towards a better future.

Financial Assets and Income: To enable Oregonians to weather unexpected financial storms, and to rebuild our middle class, Oregon families must be able to earn a living, save for the future, and protect those savings.

Education/Early Education: Education promotes civic responsibility, advances economic competitiveness and expands economic opportunity.

Health Care: We can improve community health, lower health care delivery costs and strengthen schools, businesses and homes.

Community Investment & Accountability Policies: Oregon’s revenues must be adequate to fund essential investments in our collective future.

Download the full agenda to learn more about the specific policies and proposals we’ve included on our agenda to help all Oregonians thrive.

Please join Oregon Thrives for our Lobby Day on Monday, February 14, 2011 in Salem at our State Capitol.  Join us as we thank legislators for their service and talk about ways to pull together to overcome hardship and build a better future for Oregon.  RSVP today, or read more about it here.

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