One Week Complete of February Legislative Session

The Oregon Legislature came into session just over one week ago, on February 1. Things are moving at breakneck speed as Legislators hope to be done by the end of February. With such a short session, most action is focused on rebalancing the state budget. We’re advocating for Legislators to also focus on protecting Oregonians most affected by the economic downturn and also by foreclosures.

On the Housing Opportunity Agenda for 2012 is:

  • Protecting Basic Services for Oregonians
  • Preserve Existing Affordable Housing
  • Ensure Effective Recordation of Affordable Housing Covenants
  • Protect Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
  • Support the extension of the Farmworker Housing Tax Credit
  • Protect Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Fix problems with the Senior & Disabled Property Tax Deferral Program

Things will continue to move at lightning speed in Salem. If you’re interested in what’s happening, you can join the Housing Alliance or email Alison with questions. If you’re interested in visiting your legislator to talk about housing needs in your community, please let us know.

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