Why Neighborhood Partnerships has endorsed No on Measure 105

At Neighborhood Partnerships, we believe every Oregonian deserves opportunity, respect, and safety, no matter where they come from or what their skin color. At Neighborhood Partnerships, we believe in welcoming our neighbors, building bridges of understanding, and treating others as one would hope to be treated. We believe diversity makes us stronger.

In Oregon, our strength comes from our ability to work together— to bring together a landscape of people from different places and of different races into one nation.

For these reasons, we are opposing Measure 105, which would throw out Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law. The group behind Measure 105 does not share our values. The so-called Oregonians for Immigration Reform has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because they villainize immigrants.

We know that we are all harmed when we villainize and de-humanize our neighbors and co-workers and create division within our communities.

Immigrants in Oregon are our neighbors, friends, local business owners and community members and leaders. We won’t stand by while immigrants or any Oregonians could be targeted because of their perceived immigration status.

We urge you to vote No on 105.

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