From the Director – November 2019

Neighborhood Partnerships has had an intentional focus for the past two years on thinking about how we as an organization can help to create a more equitable Oregon, one in which the bounty of our state is shared by all who live here. As a team of people who focus on meeting statewide housing needs and building financial stability, we are always aware of the many ways we fall short of our goal. And, as we dive into the data that shows housing and financial needs broken down by race and ethnicity, the extent of the work ahead is even more clear.

At this year’s RE:Conference, we took time to share some of our thoughts and reflections on this work. The staff and Board of NP have adopted a racial equity statement, and have also articulated some of the areas in which this work has been evident in the past years, and how we expect it to be carried out in the next year. We will be updating the information on our website to maintain our accountability towards progress. We welcome your feedback on our work, and we look forward to engaging with you as we dig in to co-create a more equitable state.

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