Update on NP’s response to COVID-19

Dear friends and partners, 

We hope you are all well in this trying time. I know that we’re all busy addressing the impacts of the pandemic on our personal, professional, and community lives. I just want to give you a quick update on NP operations, and how we are working to support our partners.

In response to Coronavirus or COVID-19, the NP office is closed and our staff is working remotely. As community members, we know that the health and safety of our vulnerable community members and the strength of our hospital systems depend on people staying at home right now if they can. At NP, we are fortunate that most of our work can be done creatively from home.  We have shifted all of our meetings to occur by telephone or by video conference.

Now, more than ever this virus has shown us that we are dependent on each other and whether we’re Black or white, Latino or Asian, native or newcomer, we know it’s time to pull together. We want to acknowledge the health care workers, service workers, grocery workers, and others who are needed to stay healthy and at work right now. We are thinking of our neighbors experiencing homelessness who have no safe place to be during this crisis, and our neighbors and community members who are economically vulnerable because of uncertainty, loss of income, and the lack of a social safety net.

Our  staff are doing what we can to support people and help support systemic solutions to the pandemic. Only by standing together can we ensure our own and our community wellbeing through this outbreak, and rewrite the rules to ensure better health and stability for us all for generations to come. 

We are all working hard within our networks to keep essential work moving forward, so that we can collectively respond to these difficult times. We will share news as more plans develop. Please also feel free to reach out to us if you have specific questions or needs. Email is the best way to reach us, and we will all work to respond as quickly as we are able.

All of us at NP look forward to working together to keep our communities strong and able to respond to the evolving needs of our state.

In partnership,
Janet Byrd, Executive Director

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