Open Mic: The 2022 Legislative Session

We are now past the midway point in this year’s legislative session in Oregon, and we’ve lined up our newsletter to give a progress report on housing, economic, and consumer justice related legislation that is pending in the State Capitol Building.  

This month is enormously important for NP, our partners, and the communities we all serve. This month encapsulates most of the chances organizations get in the whole year to promote equitable housing, economic, and consumer justice policy in Salem. The legislature must continue to support financial health, protect families from predatory business practices, and invest in housing opportunity.  

On the housing side, we have been working hard to support unprecedented housing investments in a short session, totaling more than $400 million to create new affordable housing, maintain existing housing stock, promoting homeownership, and to support individuals experiencing homelessness to access safety and a home of their home. Similarly, Residents Organizing for Change (ROC) wrapped up their second Housing Opportunity Week with their own legislative agenda, meetings, and vision for safe, stable, and affordable homes.  

We are extremely proud and excited to return to the Legislature to advocate for an additional $35 million for Individual Development Accounts, which would allow IDA providers to address huge waitlists, boost savings for homeownership, and provided much-needed capacity and administrative support to the organizations that do this work on a daily basis. Take a minute to send an email to your legislators:  

On the economic & consumer justice fronts, the Oregon Economic Justice Roundtable was excited to announce its first 2022 legislative agenda, consisting of support for universal representation, equitable legislator pay, and critical steps forward towards a more equitable distribution of resources and wealth building among BIPOC communities. The Stop the Debt Trap Alliance took steps to continue to address inequitable practices in the auto insurance market, the creation of a public option in the State of Oregon, and opposition to a proposal that would open tenants up to small claims litigation.  

All this work in Salem must continue to center racial equity and people directly impacted by these challenges, keeping in mind that Oregon must continue to undo wrongs done to communities of color in this state, and continue to build wealth among these communities to allow families to thrive in communities across the state. This is done by ensuring that we change harmful narratives, address systemically racist structures, and bring in community voices. 

This month’s Newsletter includes more about the amazing work we’re doing in Salem through the Oregon Housing Alliance, Residents Organizing for Change, the Oregon Economic Justice Roundtable, the Stop the Debt Trap Alliance, and the Oregon IDA Initiative. As you read on, know that you are invited to engage in this work along with us. Check out the rest of the newsletter for ways to get engaged in promoting economic, consumer, and housing justice in Oregon! 

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