CFED Scorecard shines light on assets in Oregon


We know when more Oregonians with low incomes can save, build financial skills, own a home, get an education or start a small business our communities will grow and thrive. Asset building is a cornerstone for our economy and every year we get a scorecard on how Oregon is doing.

The 2015 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard compiled by our partners the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) is now out.

This year’s score card ranks Oregon below nearly every other state on such indicators as homeownership rate (45th), high school graduation rate (49th), and underemployment (48th), defined as part-time workers who want full-time jobs and discouraged workers no longer searching for employment.

Despite the somewhat dire news Neighborhood Partnerships Executive Director Janet Byrd remind us:

“Oregon needs to keep investing in hope as communities continue to rebuild after the recession. We know that the combination of financial skill building and incentives that accelerate savings work to change both the attitude and the financial prospects of youth and adults. We’re excited to work with leaders in Oregon’s legislature to expand the IDA Initiative, as well as to encourage retirement savings and improve access to financial products.”

Read the scorecard here and the press release here.

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