10 Reasons to Attend Neighborhood Partnerships’ 2015 RE:Conference


The 2015 RE:Conference is part think-tank, part training, part meet-up. You’ll get new ideas, practical tools, and new connections so that you leave energized with a plan for increasing opportunity in Oregon. You’re invited to join us on Oct. 29 and 30 at the Salem Convention Center to re:think, re:energize and re:new.

If you’re still looking for a good reason to attend the RE:Conference here are some of the top reasons last year’s attendees shared for why they loved it:

  1. “The equity panel challenged me to think beyond what I already know and practice.”
  2. Better understanding of the history of housing and land use.
  3.  “I really like the integration. The [IDA] marketplace really demonstrates the impact that IDAs can have. I really enjoyed talking to the vendors.”
  4.  Insight into programs and how the community benefits as a result not just the individual client.
  5. “Communicating, particularly around policy made me view the approach differently. It helped provide details and suggestions in how to alter your approach when you find resistance.”
  6. “New, relevant, and with so many direct applications to the work we do. Plus an engaging speaker… I also loved the whole panel on Operationalizing Equity – fabulous conversation.”
  7. “Loved the focus on high level thinking, big picture, strategic issues. Such a refreshing and re-energizing change from the daily grind.”
  8. “Absolutely new/different thoughts on the racial wealth gap and how we do our home ownership and financial literacy work. Also great new insights about equity issues internally to our organization.”
  9. “I can’t think of what else would have fit into the day – I thought it was one of the best days of training I’ve attended. Ever.”
  10. The amazing speakers


If you have questions or comments about the RE:Conference email us or get a conversation going on our Facebook page or on Twitter with the hashtag #ReConf2015.

Early bird registration will save you $25 per ticket, but it ends Aug 31.  Register now.



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