Four Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Our Regional Asset Building Gatherings


Soon we will launch our Regional Asset Building Gatherings. The two-day events will provide a mix of presentations, conversations, training, skill building and relationship building. Together we will increase the reach and depth of our collective asset building work. Here are four reasons we think you’ll want to attend:

  1. Learn how to increase financial security knowledge and skills.  Have you ever been asked how to improve credit scores for a client’s rental application?  How about opening a bank account that is safe and free of hidden fees? What about questions related to getting out of debt, building emergency savings or simple budgeting tips? These questions are asked hundreds of times a day across the state. Yet, too often they go unanswered. We’ll share actionable financial capability tools like the Your Money Your Goals toolkit and others. You’ll feel confident and empowered to help clients and other community members.
  2. It’s local. Every community has unique challenges and opportunities. It’s most helpful when you get answers about local programs, organizations and people. We’re scheduling regional gatherings close to you and partnering with organizations that know your clients, neighbors and resources.
  3. Leverage programs that boost savings and bank accounts. Oregon has hundreds of programs, with thousands of providers. Each has its own requirements and nuances. Navigating it all can be dizzying in the thick of your already-heavy workload. We’ll break down what resources are available and which are on the horizon. You’ll leave with insights that will make connecting to resources easier.
  4. Build relationships with providers and financial institutions. You’re trying to get something done for a client. You’re in a time crunch and it’s a challenge to weave your way to a solution. The best way to get things done is picking up a phone and talking to someone you know and trust. Relationships help smooth the process and you feel secure when transferring a client to someone you trust. Our regional gatherings will present opportunities to build relationships with providers you haven’t met in other organizations and with the people who work at local financial institutions.

Dates, places, partners and times will be announced shortly. Sign up to get email updates and be the first to know about registration. 

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