Goodbye, Margot!

When we hired Margot to become our Administration & Events Coordinator in November 2020, we were certain that she would excel in the position and bring some needed order to our organization, particularly around event planning processes. What we didn’t necessarily anticipate was how much of an advocate she would be for folks inside and outside the organization. Since working at NP, Margot has been an advocate for modernizing our organization and processes, for increased awareness around LGBTQ+ issues, and for giving our diverse stakeholders great experiences, from folks interested in the IDA program to folks applying to become part of our organization. 

Soon after joining NP, Margot implemented the use of Slack org-wide; updated several processes such as event requests, job requisitions, and revamped donor tracking; and later, led a project to update the Oregon IDA Initiative website to enhance ease of use for potential savers. She’s also helped us become a more inclusive organization in terms of LGBTQ+ issues, particularly around trans inclusion, having helped the Oregon IDA Initiative think through how to collect gender data, implemented gender neutral bathrooms at our annual statewide conference, and is willing to engage with staff around these issues with grace and professionalism.  

This is all to say that Margot will be missed. She brought a lot to NP and I’m sure her absence will be felt. We are excited for her next opportunity and to see where her skills and advocacy take her.  

  • Derrick (he, him), former supervisor and comrade, always 
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