Director’s Desk: December

As we enter into the last month of what has seemed like a never ending year, we can’t help but reflect on this past year- a year that saw a global pandemic upend lives and leave millions sick and unemployed; a year that laid bare the racial, social and economic injustice that BIPOC communities experience […]

Director’s Desk: November

I’m sure many of you have been spending the last few days monitoring the results of the election. You’re not alone. As I write this month’s Director’s Desk, many races across Oregon and the U.S. have yet to be called, but I am reminded of the importance that every voice of each person be heard through the […]

Equity Update: November

At this year’s RE: Conference, we are taking several steps to address language and technology accessibility. NP sees this work as part of its larger equity goals to increase accessibility. It is important that more people be able to participate in our work – whether they speak a different language, or may be new to […]

ROC: Engaging in the Democratic & Advocacy Process

Every other Tuesday, members of Residents Organizing for Change (ROC) and guests meet for a Community Ruckus Call. These calls are bringing new ROC members into the network, giving folks a chance to hear about all things ROC related, and check in with one another.  In October, we turned our Community Ruckus Call into ROC’s Ballot Party. ROC members were able to […]

2020 Impact Evaluation Report

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn have exposed the ways our systems, laws, and policies perpetuate inequality. The lack of housing, quality education, jobs, access to financial institutions, and other resources have historically disadvantaged members of Oregon’s Black, Native American, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander communities. The pandemic has put the same communities at […]

Statement on Stalled COVID-19 Relief Talks in Washington

Friends, As you may have seen, earlier this week, the president announced that his administration would pull back from ongoing negotiations over the next critical package to provide COVID relief. As talks can always restart in the future, I am deeply troubled that inaction today will only contribute to prolonged suffering for many families and […]

Equity Update: Residents Organizing Change

“Why do you do what you do?” This was a prompt at a recent training for ROC leaders. Why is it that we believe in having those most impacted involved in policy change? In the words of one ROC member, TomiRene Hettman, “We are the true experts on homelessness!” Members of Residents Organizing for Change – who are residents of affordable housing and […]

Director’s Desk: October

As the season begins to change to autumn, it has brought pleasant thoughts about cozy clothes, nice long fall hikes, and the changing colors of the trees preparing for winter. The natural world reminds us of this transition and gives us a time to reflect on change and how that shows up in our lives […]

Director’s Desk: September

It’s my great pleasure and honor to be addressing you all for the first time as Executive Director of Neighborhood Partnerships (NP). I want to thank you all for the warm welcome, NP’s staff and Board for their support and help as I step into my new role. I feel excited and ready to get […]

Racial Equity Training Series Update

By Luke Bonham and Holly McGuire As regular readers will be aware, Neighborhood Partnerships has been centering racial equity in all of our work. As part of our roles as conveners and funder, we are looking at how to integrate the diversity, equity, and inclusion tools and learning spaces into our partnerships. Last month, Neighborhood […]