Heading Back to Salem: NP in the 2023 Legislative Session

Over the course of the last year, our advocacy team has worked diligently with our partners to talk about a number of different issues that our state faces. The Oregon Housing Alliance convened its workgroup meetings to talk about how the Legislature can make robust investments and policy changes in furtherance of safe, stable, and […]

Welcome, Jane Rosenstein!

We are so excited to introduce Jane Rosenstein, who has joined NP as IDA Fiscal Manager! Jane has a background in community organizing, social work, and education. She has been involved in fiscal management for fifteen years. Jane’s professional roles have included: early childhood educator, sustainability educator, technical writer, and small business owner/operator. Jane holds […]

Our Strategic Planning Process.

by Holly McGuire, Director of Economic Opportunity As some of our readers may be aware, Neighborhood Partnerships embarked on a strategic planning process in mid-2021, supported by the UPRISE Collective. In August our Board of Directors approved the resulting document, our Identity Statement and Strategic Intention, which we are very excited to be launching at […]

Equity Update: Self-Care and Community Care 

Neighborhood Partnerships staff recently convened in person to celebrate and recognize each other’s accomplishments and progress from the past year. In a time of remote work in an organization whose team members focus on very different aspects of social justice, housing justice, and equity, it was not only a time for us to brag, congratulate, […]

Join us at RE:Conference 2022!

After two years since our last RE:Conference that we held virtually in 2020, I am excitedto announce that we will be hosting our 2022 RE:Conference this coming October 17,and 18 in person at the Salem Convention Center! As we near the 2023 Legislative Session, and as we continue to see the continued unmet need in […]

Equity Update: Connecting Housing Advocacy with our Vision

What happens when you invite 30 advocates, whom you have never met, to talk about housing policy from all corners of the state, from multiple backgrounds, and many lived experiences for three days? What happens is that you undergo an incredible experience that centers you in reality, and opens your mind to bold, new ideas […]

Open Mic: NP is Rethinking the 40-hour Work Week

As we enter the summer season, our team is reflecting on and celebrating the incredible work we have accomplished this first half of 2022. We’ve been able to successfully advocate for meaningful housing investments at the Legislature, Residents Organizing for Change has been working on a comprehensive bill to support and empower residents of affordable […]

Open Mic: Alison on six years at NP

Later this month, I will transition out of my role as the Policy & Communications Director for Neighborhood Partnerships, and I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve collectively accomplished to help advance housing opportunity for Oregonians with low incomes across our state, as well as what is next for the coalition and the work from my […]

Black Lives Matter


I hadn’t heard about Juneteenth until about two years ago. I grew up in Los Angeles around mostly Latinx and Asian American communities and Juneteenth was not on our radar—Día de los Muertos and Chinese New Year, sure, but not Juneteenth.   So, what is Juneteenth? According to National Geographic, the holiday is known to some […]