Announcing Round Three of the Advocate’s College

Neighborhood Partnerships is pleased to announce that applications are now available for the third round of our Advocates College, thanks to the commitment of our lead trainer, Patrick Bresette of Public Works, and the generosity of our funders. Both the first and second Advocate’s Colleges were huge successes, and have had immediate benefits for participants. […]

Implementing Foreclosure Reform: Reimagining a system to help Oregon communities and homeowners

On Wednesday, April 11, Governor Kitzhaber signed into law SB 1552, which provides homeowners facing foreclosure with new tools.  This monumental legislation will address the overwhelming tide of foreclosures and financial insecurity which has been threatening to permanently undermine the foundations of our state. The legislation is just the first step – from April 11, […]

Creating and Sustaining a Healthier Democracy

What if we told you there was something you could do to improve your health and your community at the same time? And that it was as simple as voting? Increased civic engagement, including voting, is linked to all sorts of positive outcomes including an increased sense of being able to influence our own lives […]

We can turn this house of cards into a real home

The following article appeared in the March 2nd edition of Street Roots newspaper. We can turn this house of cards into a real home By Alison McIntosh, Contributing Columnist It’s the 28th of February, and the Legislature is still at work in Salem for this short February session. This month has been hard, with the […]

Oregon Homeowners will Suffer While they Wait for Foreclosure Relief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 1, 2012 For More Information: Janet Byrd (503) 516-4698 Ryan Fisher (503) 807-7525 Oregon Homeowners will Suffer While they Wait for Foreclosure Relief With the short February session winding down, advocates today believe that all hope of passing foreclosure reform is lost. Two bills, SB1552 and SB1564 would have brought significant […]

Call your State Representative today!

One in eleven homeowners in Oregon is either in foreclosure or has a mortgage 30 or more days in default. One in five homeowners are underwater on their mortgages owing more than the home is worth. Homeowners are suffering from the resulting stress and uncertainty, their neighbors are feeling the impacts of vacant homes, and […]

Opinion in Oregonian about Housing and Homelessness Issues

The following article appeared in Saturday’s Oregonian. NP’s Janet Byrd and Israel Bayer of Street Roots and Bill Hall, a Lincoln County Commissioner co-authored this op-ed about the importance of addressing housing issues during the current legislative session. You can view it online here. Legislative session: Housing, homelessness issues should be on agenda Published: Saturday, […]

One Week Complete of February Legislative Session

The Oregon Legislature came into session just over one week ago, on February 1. Things are moving at breakneck speed as Legislators hope to be done by the end of February. With such a short session, most action is focused on rebalancing the state budget. We’re advocating for Legislators to also focus on protecting Oregonians […]

Neighborhood Partnerships is Launching a Mini Advocate’s College

Neighborhood Partnerships is excited to announce that we will launch a mini Advocate’s College in Corvallis on Tuesday, March 20 and Monday, April 23. This is a shorter, less intensive version, but the same topics will be covered. Neighborhood Partnerships will offer this unique training opportunity to up to fifteen participants. We have several goals […]

Action Anticipated on Foreclosure Crisis

Oregonians facing the loss of their homes need clear and accurate information about their rights, obligations and the foreclosure process. Where possible, alternatives to foreclosure ought to be fairly considered. When there is no viable alternative, the foreclosure process ought to be conducted with adequate notice and transparent process. The Housing Alliance has adopted the […]